SSI offers a complete spectrum of refined and non-refined Polyethylene Waxes. Our products are available in powder, pastilles, flakes and blocks in 20kg/25kg bags. Palletized or unpalletized.

Our feedstock is HDPE by-product, which is processed through short path distillation units, filtration and refining processes or thermal cracking. Our Polyethylene waxes have a very low molecular weight and are composed of ethylene monomer chains. Polyethylene Waxes are also called as PE wax.

Polyethylene waxes are product by polymerization (by synthesis direct from ethylene), modification and degradation of polymers, and thermal cracking. The three types of the compound are high-density Polyethylene Wax (HDPE) wax, low-density Polyethylene Wax (LDPE) wax and oxidized Polyethylene Wax. Polyethylene waxes have linear hydrocarbons, high melting points 194 - 284˚F (90-140˚C) and are hard and brittle.

ProductSoftening Point °C (°F) ASTMD36Penetration @25 °C ASTMD1321Viscosity @150°C ASTMD3236Color
SSI 9010110±10 (212-248)


<60White Flake
SSI 10530L105-115 (221-239)2-510-30White Power
SSI 10530105-115 (221-239)3-810-30White Power
SSI 10580105-120 (221-248)3-810-80White Flake
SSI 11050115±5 (239±5)˂7˂50White Power
SSI 11070115±5 (239±5)˂5˂70White Flake
ProductSoftening Point °C (°F) ASTMD6090Penetration @25 °C ASTMD1321Viscosity @150°C ASTMD1986-91Color Klett QST-078
CHU561107-118 (225-245)1-320-6020-70
CWP400110-118 (230-245)1-27-1215-60
CWP400E110-118 (230-245)1-320-5020-60
CWP500107-116 (225-240)1-47-1215-60
CWP500E107-116 (225-240)1-420-5020-60
ProductSoftening Point °C (°F) ASTMD3954Penetration Index ASTMD1321Viscosity @140°C ASTMD3236Color
SSI 20201072150-250White Powder
SSI 20401092350-450White Powder
SSI 211011011,000-1,200White Powder
ProductDrop Melt Point °C (°F) ASTMD3954-94Penetration @25 °C ASTMD1321Viscosity @116°C ASTMD1986-91Color GardnerAcid Value ASTMD1386
OX7102-114 (216-238)1-410-201-35-9
OX1895-110 (203-230)2-87-151-516-19
SSI 9616OX96-105 (205-221)3-860 MaxWhite to yellow16-20


  • Cable fillings
  • Car wax polishes
  • Coatings
  • Color Concentrate 
  • Corrugated Board Coating
  • Dispersions
  • Emulsions
  • Floor polishes
  • Fruit Coating
  • Hot Melt Coatings
  • Hot Melt Road Marking
  • Hotmelt adhesives
  • Masterbatches
  • Paints
  • Plastics
  • Polish solvent liquid and pastes)
  • Printing Inks
  • PVC Additives
  • Release, Lubricant & Sizing
  • Rubber processing
  • Textiles
  • Wax blends

Our Products

Our Polyethylene Waxex are available in powder, pastilles, flakes and blocks in 20kg/25kg bags. Palletized or unpalletized.

Our paraffin waxes are available in liquid bulk, slabs and pastilles in 25kg cartons, 25kg/50kg bags. Palletized or unpalletized.

SSI offers a complete spectrum of microcrystalline waxes. We offer variety of color and quality.

We offers a wide variety of high-quality premium base oils group I, II & III, White mineral oils USP.

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