Schumann Steier, Inc. (SSI) with headquarters in Houston, TX, and marketing and product support globally, is world-wide marketer of refined petroleum products such as paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, polyethylene waxes, base oils, drilling fluids, white oils and ethanol products with many years of experience of providing solutions for clients in the US and around the world.


Our history

Schumann/Steier, Inc. SSI has been servicing the Petrochemical, Base Oil and Wax market for over 25 years. Prior to 1991, Schumann/Steier, Inc. was known as Moore & Munger Lubricants, Inc., a marketer of base oils and specialties and an affiliate of Moore & Munger Marketing, Inc., one of the foremost wax marketing firms in the country. In 1989 both Moore & Munger companies were purchased by the Schumann Group of Hamburg, Germany and Arthur A. Steier.

In 1993, Schumann/Steier, Inc. was created to grow the core business of base oil and specialty marketing and diversify within the petroleum field to capitalize on Group strengths internationally as well as to embrace then future trends in synthetic fuels, ethanol and biodiesel.


In 2010 SSI acquired Chusei USA, a custom‐processing facility and the largest by product polyethylene wax USA. The chemical plant was renamed SSI Chusei, Inc. and fully operated by SSI. In 2014 SSI sold SSI Chusei to Trecora Resources for US$73 million.

In 2015 SSI invested in petroleum wells in Lousiana becoming a crude oil producer. SSI wanted to keep this business separated from our traditional trading business. SSI founded an energy company named SSI Energy to manage the wells.


Why choose us

SSI is far more than just a trusted supplier. Below are some of the ways we add value for our partners and customers.

  • High and consistent quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Global presence
  • World class logistics
  • A one-stop shop for waxes and base oils
  • Reliable supply chains
  • Product formulation and technical
  • Trustworthy partner
  • Finding your next market opportunity

We offer material solutions to suppliers and buyers as a value-added asset development and management services company. We’ve developed dependable logistical support and built a global infrastructure to service our clients and customers professionally and with integrity.

The majority of our business is conducted with clients we’ve served for more than a decade. An integral part of our philosophy is that we will see our customers and suppliers not only this week, but also next month and for many years to come and we conduct our business accordingly.

Technical Consultancy

SSI brings over 28 years of experience in the industry. Contact one of our experts to learn to help you identified the right product for formulation. We also can help you develop custom products.

World-Class Products


We provide a wide product range of paraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, polyethylene waxes and base oils for industrial applications. It includes an expanding offering of global produced products.

Our people

Schumann/Steier is a family firm that values long-term relationships.

Our flat, energetic and diverse company structure means people are entrusted with real responsibility, encouraged to act proactively, and empowered to think with our customers and business partners.


Solving problems is our business. With discretion and trust, we built enduring customer relationships on one simple principle: "We deliver what we promise".

– Mr. Arthur A. Steier, CEO

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